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Amongst the results displayed for your job search Finance Turkana, you may choose from different contract conditions: Full time, Full-Time, Six Months(6) Description of APEI – Kenya Programme: The organization that works to strengthen capacities and governance of the local institutions at grassroots levels for secure livelihoods for sustainable socio-economic development. APEI has been working in Turkana County since 2000; with a primary focus strengthen the capacities of pastoral vulnerable groups’ inclusivity of marginalized women, pastoralists, Youth, Agro-pastoralists, persons with disabilities for secure socio-economic empowerment. The organization has partnered with Donors and other funding agencies to finance poverty alleviation and capacity building community initiatives in Turkana South focal groups. The current focus as organization to enhance the capacities of youths to access economic opportunities from devolved government units and others development investors in Oil and gas industry in the Turkana Region. The programme shall address the capacity gaps in youths which makes inadequacies’ access this opportunities and shall be strengthened for self socio-economic empowerment and creation of sustainable employment reliability. Project Officer will contribute to the development and implementation of APEI’s work in Turkana county. He/she will work as Head of the team in close cooperation with partners covering themes of governance and capacity building of youth (Youth Empowerment Programme). He/she should give  the strategic directions of the Youth Empowerment  programme implementation in next six months; Develop, implement and promote inclusivity of youth focused and integrated links with key stakeholders within and outside the county access socio-economic opportunities. Strengthen the capacity of Youths to engage effectively on Devolved government structures and interested investors in Oil and gas industry in Turkana County. The programme seeks to achieve change in this area “youth access socio-economic opportunities” through working with national, county-level government and civil society stakeholders, and investors’. Job Purpose: The Project officer will be required to support the implementation of the Youth Empowerment Programme and activities on access of devolved socio-economic opportunities through strengthened capacities. The ability to work with the Executive Director to follow-up and action to link the Youth Communication units’ access information from all stakeholders at all levels. Key areas of responsibility: 1: Strategic and programme development 2: Programme implementation 3: Funding and financial management 4: Communications and advocacy Duties: 1: Strategic and programme development Assist with regular analysis of inclusivity in Youth Empowerment at all levels in the county. Assist in the development, implementation and monitoring of Youth Empowerment strategy  for unreached areas in Turkana County. Assist to develop sustainable strategy for manning Youth Information centres at village Level. 2: Programme implementation Support the process of planning, development and implementation of  Youth Empowerment programme Organize the community facilitators for community trainings for youths at grassroots level. Assist in organizing and facilitating dialogue meetings, workshops and seminars with government representatives, civil society, youths and Investors to: share experiences and lessons learnt on youth empowerment; promote cooperation; raise awareness of efforts for youth access socio-economic opportunities. Facilitate Radio talk show with interested parties on Youth empowerment capacity building the youth in specific thematic areas. Facilitate opening of grassroots youth information centres/units to facilitate information access to all community members. 3: Funding and financial management Assist in identifying funding opportunities and fundraising With the programme teams, perform organization activities such as drafting project reports, developing programme budgets and cash flows and regularly monitoring expenditure Prepare monthly expend.

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